Studio Policies
The staff and teachers at Motif Music Studios look forward to working with you and are committed to professionalism. Our studio policies help ensure that we can continue to offer a high standard in music education.


To register for our programs, a $30 fee per student and first equal payment is required to secure a space in our Fall schedule. The registration fee includes a Motif Student Notebook and recordable CD for each student and is due upon registration. This fee should be combined with your first cheque or cash payment.

Tuition Payment:

Tuition fees are due in September and can be paid by cheque made out to Motif Music Studios. For your convenience, we offer interest free payment plan options of ten equal payments, four equal payments, or two equal payments. Please ask us for details on these payment plans at registration. Remaining post-dated cheques are to be placed in an envelope with your name and handed in to your teacher at your first lesson.


Rates at Motif Music Studios are based on 10 months of instruction including all private lessons, master class opportunities, recitals and special events to provide students with a well balanced music education. A calendar of the number of instructional days and scheduled events will be available before lessons begin.

Tuition rates are dependent on the experience and training of each teacher and are intended to be a fair reflection of the professional training your teacher has worked so hard to achieve.

Because many of our teachers are registered with the BC Registered Music Association, we are not permitted to post their individual rates online. However, we are happy to email our tuition fee schedule .


Every student's success is dependant on consistent attendance. Missed lessons will not be made up or refunded. At our discretion, swap times within your teacher's working schedule may be offered. Lessons missed by your teacher, that are not included in the non-instructional days for the term, will be made up. Unless otherwise notified, we will be teaching on 'snow days.' In the case of extreme weather conditions, please check our website twitter feed, Facebook page and/or phone to listen to our recorded message before coming to lessons.

Drop Off / Pick Up:

We are happy to offer a waiting area at our school and students are welcome to wait there 5 minutes before / after their scheduled lesson time. For the safety of our students and the peace of mind of our teachers, please note that students cannot be left for longer periods of time and we are unable to provide childcare services or supervision.


We will be following the 2015/2016 school calendar for School District No.71 (Comox Valley). Most students will have all statutory holidays off, but these may sometimes be used if teachers need to swap them for alternate days off. Please note that there will be lessons on all "Professional Development" days.


"Tin Town" is a bustling community with a variety of artists, Saltwater School, Triple Heat Dance School, and businesses. Please drive slowly and carefully as the roads are narrow. Parking is available in front of Motif Music Studios, and in the center of the cul-de-sac. Please leave a space open in front of Prontissima Pasta.

Materials/Lesson Books:

Our fees do not include lesson books. A suitable method / level will be chosen for you/your child and a book list given to you to pick up. Alternatively, if you would be interested in having books ordered for you, please let us know and we can arrange this. A book deposit may be required in advance.

Resource Library:

Teachers have studio resources on hand that are made available to the students throughout the year. These resources enable students to enrich their studies with a variety of different music. We ask that materials be returned when not in use so that they can be shared with other students.

Home Practice:

For you/your student to look forward to weekly lessons and see steady progress throughout the year, daily practice is necessary.

Some things to remember:
  • Quality is more important than minutes on a timer!
  • Set goals for each practice time.
  • Keep it positive. Don't always make practicing a trade for playtime or time with friends. Try to schedule in a morning practice or a time when your child can get it done and still be able to have free time. If there is no time for you to practice without sacrificing your only 'down time' during the day, then you may be over-scheduled.
  • Encourage 'play time' at the piano apart from daily practices (composing, playing favorite pieces, performing for friends/family).
  • Ask anytime if you need practice ideas, incentives, time suggestions etc.

Recitals & Workshops:

Your enrollment at Motif Music Studios includes opportunity for students to participate in workshops, recitals and special events each year. They are wonderful times for you/your child to learn new skills, share their music with others, meet friends with similar interests and prepare for exams.


There are two festivals offered in our area each year. The North Island Festival of the Performing Arts is held in the Comox Valley and The Friends of Music Festival is held in Campbell River. Both are great opportunities for students to share their music and learn from master teachers. Festival fees are additional and need to be paid in advance of festival registration. Please let your teacher know if you/your child would like to play in a festival this year.


Exams are not mandatory, but are great for serious students wanting to fine tune their skills, work towards a goal or gain high school credits for their achievements. More information is available at . Please discuss exam options with your teacher early in the year to see if exams are an option for you / your child for this year or a goal to set for the future.

Studio exams are also available for grades 1-5 with Cindy Taylor in January and June. These are great for students wanting to prepare for an exam/performance goal. Please let us know if you would like to book a studio exam.

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